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first page of Humans

2017-06-03 12:16:02 by jax360chill

Aye peeps , been kinda of busy working on both manga art studio 4 and opentoonz and man its pretty tricky learning new things . But if things weren't tricky how would we learn and know the satisflying feeling of accomplishing a goal or task. All of that aside here is the next page I've been working on ... 2976434_149650653362_page.jpg

Are you Human !!!?

2017-05-30 11:42:26 by jax360chill

Hello my fellow newgrounders , me and brothers are working on a comic project called " Humans ". In this comic, we hope to create a series that's both fun and adventurous. For those that are interested, I'll be sure to keep this channel updated with news on story and work process. So for today, I will show you guys an unfinished version of the comic's cover page.

If anyone has comments for story plot or art style feel free to write away.2976434_149615879021_page.jpg